Mixed Signals & Overthinking


9×12 on mixed media paper using Birmingham Ink & acrylic paint.

Meet Ronnie & Karla with a K. They met at the stable years ago and were instant friends. As they casually drank from the water hole, Karla with a K overheard conversations about the Yellowstone dance. As Karla with a K stood on the back of Ronnie’s shoulders she assumed that she and Ronnie were invited to tonight’s dance. Unsure what to wear, they frantically raced to the stable and ripped through the closet searching for the perfect outfit.

As Karla with a k paced the floor and waited forever on Ronnie to get ready, she finally heard Ronnie let out a big neigh with excitement! Neeeiiigggghhhhh SCORE! Ronnie, bucking up and down sashayed out of the door as Karla with a K chirped repeatedly! Yassssssss she said! Gripping hands, they galloped with excitement to the barn as Ronnie occasionally kicked his hooves from side to side humming “born this way.” As they made their way to the entrance, it was at that moment Karla with a K and Ronnie realized that they had received mixed signals about the dance, and Ronnie clearly was overthinking the dress code. Much to their surprise the dance was a cattle only square dance. No wonder Betty was humming Patsy Cline and batting her eyes at Baxter the Bull at the waterhole.

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