The Amazing Me


This is Phyllis. Phyllis was a peculiar kid always laughing to herself, wearing multiple masks, connecting with birds, pretending she wore homecoming crowns and forever blowing bubbles. She did just about anything to escape her our own reality. Phyllis was not necessarily a loner, but she stayed close to her imaginary friends. Her imaginary friends supported her and cheered her on when she had an idea. When Phyllis was young, she dreamed of becoming an artist. At home, you would find random drawings in a sketchpad, paper napkins inked with pretend logos, her bedroom closet covered in beach scenes and ducks. In her room you would find a donated collection of Readers Digest magazines and several flyers from art schools. You know, the ones where you would mirror a simple drawing of a portrait and mail it back. Of course they were never mailed back because stamps were hard to come by, envelopes were expensive and money was tight. One day Phyllis made the mistake in asking why they were not mailed, especially when postage was free and envelopes were included. It was at that moment Phyllis new she messed up. With a stern look on her mothers face, Phyllis was told that her drawings were ugly and her dream of becoming an artist would never happen. Phyllis stopped drawing at 13. Many years later, Phyllis was seen in the town she grew up in. She was still laughing, still wearing masks, still connecting to birds and still pretending she was an artist. Yup, Phyllis was a peculiar kid.

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