Truth is a kaleidoscope


Meet Kasey. Kasey was the child of a kaleidoscope maker and lived with their parents in a small cottage off the Cape. On hot summer days, you could find Kasey lying in a hammock, talking to the birds and twirling around those magical cylinders that they had taken from their dad’s shop or you would see Kasey skipping stones on the water and singing to their favorite fish as they both watched the sunsets. Kasey was much like a kaleidoscope. They were generally unassuming, small and were not interesting to look at on the outside. However, the inside of Kasey provided a different view. They were amazing, stunning and complicated and filled with thoughts and ideas. Their perspective of the world was different from their peers. Being a child of a kaleidoscope maker, Kasey was encouraged to explore and discover, to create and dream, to grow and become wiser. Kasey was not limited to one perspective or one view. Often you could see them sharing kaleidoscopes with the birds and the fish. One could guess that Kasey could alter the views and perspectives of even the fish and the birds. Kasey was taught to not feel inadequate or inferior because their perspective was different than that of others. As Kasey got older, and the world got distorted, they began to spend much of their time in the shop helping their dad make kaleidoscopes. With each magical cylinder filled with broken bits and pieces, somehow Kasey continued to hold the kaleidoscopes out to world and still see beauty.

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